Sunday, November 6, 2011

hitching and grafting

have finally started learning the covering work i've been puzzling over and prevaricating about for months. i was really put off at first as its VERY slow and if you don't set it up right it looks crap. once you give up on thinking about time and get it looking halfway okay, it's highly addictive and i love it. I know it'll look better the more i do it!
from bottom:
needle hitching in antique italian 1.8mm tarred hemp
round turn stitch (tightened away from work) in 1.3mm hardlaid cotton
underhand round-turn grafting; 2mm h-l cotton fillers, 1.2 warp. type 2 6px7b pineapple above work and 5px4b th below. mix of beeswax and swedish tar slopped on to hide rough work!
overhand round-turn grafting, fillers: 1.3mm h-l cotton , warp: super fine linen thread

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  1. Hi Dominic, your site looks great, congratulations! Love your braids and knots as always. The covering work is beautiful. The one on top must have taken forever... Really fine work. I've only done a little of this as a way to finish the end of a braid/cover up the whipped and trimmed-off stump. Might have been the technique you call needle hitching. I'd like to learn more, these all look great!