Tuesday, November 20, 2012

fiador tutorial

the fiador knot, used under the horse's chin on a rope halter, has a magic to it - how do you tie a secure knot from one strand with 2 loops below and 1 loop and 2 strands above?
i always knew that there must be a comprehendable way to tie it, instead of blindly following a flat template and eventually came across a video of mike bromley tie it in a new way. When i sent the link to a friend, he couldn't get it, so i eventually made this tutorial:

if you are not familiar with the common diamond knot (made up from a crown, then a wall, then come up through the centre) or the constrictor knot, there are numerous tutorials online.


  1. Dom, this tutorial looks great! Thanks a lot.

  2. Hi there... Just found your site, thank you so much for the tutorial.. I was wondering.. would you be so kind to to post how to do the Matthew Walker Fiador??? pleaseeee.. hehe..