Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Illegitimate Offspring/Light-hearted Thoughts

"Absoluteness, to be, so to speak, absolutely absolute, must include the possibility of its own relativity." (Bulent Rauf)
Relativity, to be, so to speak, relatively relative, must include the possibility of an Einstein, to give its own absoluteness a scientific certificate, and a Ramesh, to say ‘Who cares’.
Thankyou A&R, for bringing me to them.

'The world is contained within the I'

Egoic Reaction to 300 stimuli of someone who is 99% enlightened

Working mind, thinking mind

Eastern dream of Enlightenment

Western dream of enlightenment

Necessarily-so-ness and Possibility
The impossible word Unknowableness sits, 14 letters on a page, appearing to mean something.
From such obscurity appear two faces: one face of Necessarily-so-ness, facing inwards; and the other, of Possibility, facing outwards. That outward face expresses as Unicity, still unmanifest, yet implicating multiplicity: every number contained by the number one.

My mouth says, “Man stands on an impossible isthmus, a toe of one foot in the Sea of Necessarily-so-ness; a toe of the other in the Sea of Possibility”.
I step onto the road, moving through the traffic like smoke.

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