Wednesday, January 7, 2009

hadith kudsi:
"I was a hidden treasure and I loved to be known, so I created the world that I might be known".

That which is hidden, is there to be found.
That which is treasure, is there to be treasured.
To say: "I was a hidden treasure", is to say "I loved to be known".
Yet I can’t be found by Me, I haven’t lost Me.
So I mesmerise Myself into a doing ‘we’.
Thus Hiding provoked seeking,
Treasure provoked treasuring,
Caprice provoked an affair.
‘we’ are the verbs of the inexorable attraction of Beauty.

Official disclaimer
‘You’, My darlings, demanded by the very nature of your potentiality, to manifest. My Compassionate hand was forced. Whingeing about your situation can only arise from apparent autonomy, which, granted, is predetermined. Nonetheless, it’s pretty bloody irritating.

If it's all predestined, why should I get out of bed?
The potential energy resident in the Unicity, forces it to appear as human beings in beds.
Relax; the same energy forces them out of beds.
Until the energy is spent, and they go to the Big Bed.

Dual BirthrightTaste can only be the taste for 'happiness', ineffable absence of suffering, connectivity, carried as birthright. From His side, disconnection is not an option, but He does give us our other birthright - to feel disconnected from Him.
If we are honest with ourselves, we know that nothing that we experience – from bliss to agony - gives or takes away connectivity. Only our attitude bears on that.

breathe in pause breathe out……………..

Thy Will Be Done
Seen for what it is, the rivalry drops and the compassionate impersonality of it arises.
30 years ago i thought that i would get ‘enlightened’ any moment; i had no idea of the infinite depth of ‘any moment’. There is still a sense of doership, but I can see that the grace of any moment is its virginity - it is simply a happening.........

Our Only FreedomIf one claims the prison doesn't exist, it cannot be denied, but does it help in daily life?
Acknowledging the prison as a given and focussing on how my attitude affects my stay here - rigorous or otherwise- seems to be most useful.
Absorbing the rules; and owning my ignorance of the nature of the sentences of the other prisoners, undemanding friendliness would seem a commonsense attitude to take.

ConceptsNo concept is either true or false.
Rather let’s look in another direction.
Can we ask ‘given that we cannot help but form concepts, what are the consequences of the concepts that form my attitude now. Do they bring peace of mind? '
Predestination is predestined to never be anything but a concept (even if physicists have ‘proved’ it), yet the consequences of its acceptance are infinitely relaxing and ‘stilling’and if it is predestined ,we accept it into our daily lives.

Multiple Choice Question for Jerry
How many options do you have?
a. No option
b. One option
c. Two options
d. Three options

Answer (Optional)d. Having 1 option, you have 2 options because 1 option is no option, which makes 3 options.
God had no option but to make no option look like multiple choice.

nothingLast night i prayed for blindness, and this morning it was there, beloved velvet lightless depthless dark

The last, masturbatory, ‘why’ arose in around April 2000, swallowing itself. I didn’t notice it.
Most whys are hows-dressed-as-whys, referring to mechanism rather than cause. The rest deserve what they get.

Fragment parting 2008My hands shake the tattered fragment of Turkoman rug out of the window, and notice a little strand of coloured wool, woven by other hands centuries ago, floating across the terracotta rooftops of Bombay.

Lonely Hearts
1) Self, ageless, loves to be known by man/woman, age predetermined.
2) self-seeking self, seeks Self-seeking Self
3) Self, seeking Self-seeking self

The Big Decision
step one my mind makes me up
step two I make my mind up

Walking up Pedder Road in a swoon
thought one this slowness is delicious.
thought two if the bus was to come in the next few seconds, would I be happy to have missed it for the sake of this slowness?
thought three no
The head turns, the eyes look, the brain reads 88.
The whole organism runs across the road, and hops on.

‘I wrapped myself in flesh and bones and appeared as Yunus’ (Yunus Emre)
Sometimes I have such loathing for the writing that has just appeared on the page; then I remember the author is apparently me.

2 nano-seconds in 1988
First The shocking flash of sky is not sky
Second skygenie appears in Dominicbottle

Fondness carried in a photo since 1996
Simon is waving from the quay, as the ferry takes me through the choppy steel-blue waters of the Bosphorus. In his brimmed hat he bears a curious resemblance to the small cupolaed ticket kiosk next to him; he knows the one.

Accept This
There is no total acceptance. The accepter that accepted 99% has evaporated.
An event happens. If an ego identified with a three-dimensional object accepts or doesn't accept it, it still believes it is a doer of a deed.
That event has been predestined since before time. The reaction of the ego has been predestined since before time. That is all.

Free Will
He did an impression of you doing an impression of Him
you did an impression of Him doing an impression of you

Prayers in 1964
As a child of seven or eight, I prayed that I would wake up dead in the morning.
Whatever his choice of words, I can understand the grief with which the boy greeted his newly clipped wings.

The Palace at night
Draped in a faded check indian towel, one crooked knee waving gently from side to side on the bed, I lie North North West to South South East in my stronghold.

A sad pageBefore any words can get on this sad page, politicians are looking for leaks, censors for impropriety, editors for verbiage, theologians for heresy. What appears before you now, has run the gauntlet and survived.
I sit in my room with the insiders, while Aung San Suu Kyi sits with dignity in hers with the outsiders.

QualifiedPeople normally are certified by others: doctors, lawyers, lunatics;
Ramesh certifies himself. Simply, pursuing happiness, he reached it.
Seeing him as a rival, I looked for certification.
At a certain point, that need dissolved in tears.

2004-2008Relations at the Palace have thawed over the years from surly to friendly.
How simple it now is!

Fragile Life
Half-truths and white-lies, puns and cheap tricks, are used to flog my ‘advaitic’ wares. Despite nagging doubts, some remain unerased.

Non-writer's Block
A consequence of being a non-writer is that you cannot have a block.
You can only suffer if you want something.

English pageIf you were ever to find me, as it were, hoisted upon my own literary petard, would you kindly look for the valve in my arse and assist in my re-descent? Re-descent because it is a frequent occurrence up with which I have had to put. Thankyou, that’s what friends are for.

The etcetera mirage
One moment, discomfort - there’s a desire to change it.
Next moment, discomfort - there’s no desire to change it.
Not et cetera; et cetera not possible.

Chisholme House, Scotland – summer of ‘80At a wasifa retreat, repeating the same words over and over, sitting in that point of quietness at dusk with the wind/trees together howling, the thought came that of itself, wind is soundless; we know of it only through that which it enters: there, trees; here, us.

Watching a video one day of myself talking with Rameshji, I noticed my videoed self mouthing words constantly while listening. The initial ‘Uncooool, man’ horror was followed by curiosity.
Days later, with him again, I found it as it was happening, but any attempt to translate failed. That evening my friend Hasse also remarked on it, and swore that it matched Rameshji word for word.
What came was the image of lips softly supporting the incorporation of the teaching.

Happiness in the HomeThere is sweetness to the fact that my childhood hero, Leonard Cohen, and I, both looking for something that wasn’t there in a room with the light off, had the fortune to find Ramesh. He not only switched on the light, but showed us the new label he’d stuck on the door - Happiness (absence of suffering) Room –so that we could recognise it from personal experience, our home in fact. Whether 1% or 100% of my daily experience is in that room is now irrelevant; nobody for the rest of my life can tell me I’m in the wrong room. That is Ramesh’s great legacy to us.

PAIN or PLEASUREDoes it really matter fundamentally whether you are experiencing either one at any moment?
My reply has been no, not really. Of course we prefer pleasure, but the fact is that a moment in time is present, and the content is secondary.
Actually, the content, pre-judgement, appears in As-it is-ness.
Discrimination - pleasure/pain - appears as an unnecessary, tertiary, burden.

Hospitality overdoneFuck your positive thoughts,
where did you get them from anyway?

Being circled in the heavens of life

The undisplayable undeniable untraceable Secret never ceases to emit Its scent; yet if something is carried from there to here - the rotting carcasses that appear on the page (regurgitated glimpses trapped by typing fingers, burying the dead) transform.

There’s no PRIVATE written on the door, from the inside there is no door. The whole cosmos is utterly and forever private.

When the eyes open the sensation of drowning in a storm ceases; the raging blast becomes a gentle breeze.

On selfishnessThe generous one gives because it pains him to withhold, and the obverse is true for the miser; selfish is applied only when we don’t like the version of selfishness that has appeared before us. Now that’s selfish!

SheThe Taj Mahal has no parts;
If you see them, know you are mistaken and look away – parts are elsewhere.
She has displayed herself for hundreds of years, yet comes only in a glimpse from That side to this.

Black HoleToday’s sun makes yesterday’s seem a moon. In its light history is transformed.
Just as in the centre of our galaxy lies a black hole 4 million times bigger than our sun, so in my centre lies a vast Unknowableness into which, as the eyes close, ‘I’ dissolve.

Moan moan
In my youthfulness I thought I caught a glimpse of the Divine but it was the Divine that had me caught in a glimpse.
When a woman moaned in my arms I would forget in whose Arms I lay and think she moaned for me instead. I was a usurper to the throne of love.

Dogs’ qaweyliAt night in our street the pariah dogs do their wild raka’s whilst I lie in my bed of ingratitude.

The arrow as it turns in my heart makes the words come out differently.

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