Saturday, June 16, 2012

13 knot cord

this is an interpretation of a traditional 13 knot cord (une corde a 13 noeuds), used throughout mediaeval times for construction geometry. 13 because 3,4,5, added up conforms to Pythagoras' theorem for finding a right angle triangle, with the  13th 'knot' being the one that closes the loop. 3,4,5 is still used frequently in construction today. there are many other geometric figures that this cord will create ( 2,5,5. triangle, 4,4,4. triangle, hexagon, 2,4,2,4. rectangle,  5,2,3,2. trapezoid et.c)
i wanted to make a really accurate one that i could mark with a pencil, hence the eyes, and gabriel richir suggested i use a 4 strand round plait round the eyes going to an 8 strand square in between. the sheer amount of braiding (4 metres) put me off for a few months but i eventually knuckled down.
         i used 3mm tarred marline as it has a very workaday feel and perfumes my tool chest.
? Does anyone have any ideas on how to improve it
       If one was done with knots instead of eyes, which knots?
    maybe 2 cords knotted either side of each point with MWK?
                                 give me feedback.

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